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Hardware and software repair Services

We will do on-site repairs, or you can drop off your PC at one of our locations. We’ll analyze your system, find out what is wrong, and we will then call you back with a quote for repair. If you accept the quoted price we proceed with the repair or upgrade expeditiously. If you decide not to proceed you only pay a nominal diagnostic fee. We even wave the diagnostics fee if we decide early on that the repair or upgrade is not viable.


We can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any hardware problems you may be experiencing. On-site repairs of components can easily be done with our spare parts or parts you have. A few repairs such as motherboards, some memory, processors, or hard drives generally need to be done in-shop after thorough system cleaning and decontamination.

If non-inventoried parts are needed, or if you have specific requirements, we can locate, order, and install them for you. Either way, we will do our best to have your system up and running reliably and cost effectively, in the shortest time possible.


We troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any software problems you may have with the operating system, antivirus/security software, or business productivity software. Additionally, with most software related repairs, we will backup personal files, such as business productivity files, photos, music, e-mail, etc., to ensure you don't lose anything valuable.

Virus removal

Virus, spyware, malware and adware removal is an ever-increasing necessity in today’s computing environment, and with years of experience in dealing with these annoyances, you can be assured that it will be done correctly. Each situation of infection is analyzed, and with the goal of eliminating future infections in mind, the best option will be discussed with you.

Maintenance Services

Infoton Maintenance Services are designed to reduce the expenses associated with unscheduled outages, untimely repair and frequent replacement of computer parts, thus limiting downtime, unnecessary repairs, unwarranted technical support, excessive warranty issues and costly RMA returns.

Hardware and software upgrades

If you are not yet in the market to purchase a new computer, we can help analyze your system to determine whether or not it is economical to upgrade the hardware or software. In most cases, it is safe and economical to upgrade many of the components of your computer (such as the motherboard, processor, memory and hard drives), rather than replace the entire system. There are many factors and variables involved in such an upgrade. We will discuss and give you an honest and professional recommendation based on these findings.

Network configuration

We can provide on-site configuration of a wired or wireless network. Whether you are starting new, upgrading, or just adding another station, we can help you get everything running smoothly.

Remote desktop support: For our customers with high-speed Internet access, we offer free remote desktop support where we take control of your computer from our office. This is a very efficient way to deal with simple problems.

Email support:

You're welcome to ask for technical support through an email, however, replies will generally be brief and simple, and we may simply ask you to call us if that is deemed to be an easier method.

Is it time to add or replace a computer at your office or home?

Have an unusual or critical computer requirement?

Want to have it your way?

We can help. We will build systems to meet your requirement and needs. We have high quality custom built computers at competitive pricing.

Tired of unproductive support calls to major manufacturers?

At Infoton we support what we sell. We take care of the people who have put their faith in us. We have partnered with professionals in the industry to ensure that the computers and services you buy from us are of the highest and consistent quality.

For Service Call: (949) 363-0711

“Your calls to us are answered promptly and professionally”

Sample Computer Repair Rates

We offer compative rates for System Diagnostics

System Diagnostics
Hourly Rate Hardaware
$65 /hour
Hourly Rate Programming
$75 /hour
On-Site Hourly Service

The prices above are not a complete itemization of available services

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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“Ross at Infoton has been repairing and servicing our computers for over 10 years. We have always found him to be responsive, honest, skillful and reasonably priced. Over the past 4 years he has built 3 custom computers for us which have been great. They have been state of the art computers with no bloated software, fast and extremely reliable. He has also built several custom computers for a photography group with which I am associated. All have been in service with minimal, if any, problems. I would highly recommend Infoton for any computer needs.”

Jim L.
Dana Point, CA

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