Incent, Insite and Insure
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 By: Ross Jaibaji - November 13th, 2009
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Infoton Computers currently offer three software products:

Growth and Profitability Enhancement Solution
Website and E-Commerce Solution
Advanced Management System for Insurance Brokerage Business


Incent is a complete program used to motivate and reward your customers for making purchases. You may award points based on dollars spend, or have a "Sale" and award bonus points on selected products for a limited period.

If you want loyal customers, customers that return again and again, customers that spend money in your business, if you want to generate a quality customer database than Incent is your answer.


Insite is a web-site software designed to serve business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer, offering all the functionality that can only be found in very few high end web-sites.

E-Commerce is transforming the way information, products and services are bought sold and exchanged.


Insure is an insurance management system that simplifies the administrative aspect of insurance brokerage, enabling companies in this field to improve the efficiency of their operations while making significant savings in time and costs.

Insure's centrally managed database provides immediate access to all relevant customers information, including certificates, rates and claims.

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