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 By: Ross Jaibaji - August 19th, 2009
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A Database Program for managing the business of an Insurance Brokerage involved in:

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Transit Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Ocean Marine Insurance
  • Temporary Storage Insurance
  • Permanent Storage Insurance
  • ...And any other insurance business needs.


Insure, an Insurance Management System, is an interactive solution for running the business of the entire Insurance Brokerage firm. Capitalizing on the power of network systems,Insure offers a real-time management tool for use by brokerage personnel Management, Accounting, Billing, Claims Adjusters and Agents), through a centralized database. Insure offers users a significant time and cost savings at every step of the way, reducing the reliance on paper, improving communications between all parties and reducing the administrative cost burden.

Insure combines substantial automation, powerful work tools, sophisticated reporting features and seamless integration. Accessed through a standard workstation PC, the system requires minimal software installation and set-up. Program updates are delivered directly to the user's workstation whenever they become available to automatically update the workstation to the latest version of the application, thus reducing down time and minimizing intervention by support personnel.

The Application accesses a single centrally managed database for all customers, Certificates, Rate, and Claims-related information as needed by user. The application also maintains a local database for temporary use while generating management reports and user activity-logging, thus reducing the main database loading and reducing the network traffic.

The major functions performed by the Insure Application are:

  • Accounts Management
  • Certificates and Bonds Management and Inventory
  • Insurance Rate setting
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Claims Management


  • Easy to use. Very little training is required.
  • Well-structured and designed to improve the Brokerage workflow.
  • Information availability designed to deliver superior customer service.
  • Reduction in overall brokerage Staffing and Operating Expense.
  • Real-time communication between all users to improve Customer Service.
  • Task Automation offers a significant reduction in administrative time and cost.
  • Minimized remote database access to reduce network traffic, increase the number of users and improve reliability.
  • Extensive Management Reports.
  • Database logging to local database to monitor staff activity.
  • Multi level Security Authorization.
  • Vastly improved accuracy and accessibility of information.
  • Seamless integration with back-office systems and Accounting.
  • Comprehensive Account automation and claims management service designed to check eligibility and speed claims processing.
  • Shorten revenue cycles by combining the power On-Demand Billing or Batch Billing.
  • Cutting edge technology with the knowledge of experienced professionals.
  • Easily maintainable and Proven Database Reliability.
  • Simple Installation of the Application.
  • Powerful Insurance Certificates and Bonds Inventory Management.
  • Implements Search by Simple Pattern Matchingfor Account Name, State, Country and Insured Name.
  • Support Split Commission Payment.
  • Implement timed Terminate-When-Not-In-Use to improve security and conserve network resources.

Product Summary

Insure is an Application (written using Microsoft Visual Basic, ADO) and centrally accessible Database (SQL, MSDE and or Access JET 4.0).

Solution Classification

  • Insurance Brokerage Account Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Insurance Certificates and Bonds Inventory Management
  • Insurance Billing, Account Receivable and Account Payable

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 98SE

Databases Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MSDE
  • Access JET 4.0
Target Business Size:
1 to 10,000 Users
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Available upon request.

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